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You Are More Likely To Go To Jail Than You Think

The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world — higher than China, Iran, and Russia(!). That wasn’t always the case, But when we began sending people to jail for nonviolent drug offenses, the prison population skyrocketed. Share now if you think the “land of the free” shouldn’t look like […]

Higher Youth Wages Mean Lower Crime Rates

“… a 20 percent drop in wages leads to a 12 to 18 percent increase in youth participation in crime.”   According to a recent study on Market Wages and Youth Crime (NBER Working Paper No. 5983) by NBER Faculty Research Fellow Jeffrey Grogger, there is a strong relationship between wage levels and criminal behavior, […]

Tarrant County Court Case Sentencing

DALLAS — Prosecutors said Monday that a North Texas teen’s probation sentence for a drunken wreck that killed four pedestrians frustrates them, too, but they haven’t found a way to seek a stiffer sentence. The case of 16-year-old Ethan Couch has stirred outrage both in Texas and nationally, with both the presumptive Republican and Democratic […]

Denton News

A 20-year-old Denton woman received a family violence assault charge after police were called to her apartment after 1 a.m. Friday. According to reports, the woman was overheard screaming, “Get out. I’m going to kill you,” while a male voice — later identified as that of a 20-year-old man — was heard yelling and cursing. […]

Denton Crime News

A 30-year-old Denton woman was robbed recently by a salesman in the 900 block of Cleveland Street, police said. Orlando Hinojosa, spokesman for Denton police, said the woman was approached at her apartment by a magazine salesman going door to door. “She was going to buy some magazines and changed her mind,” Hinojosa said. When […]

Denton PD Twitter

If you’ve been arrested this week in Denton, chances are your mug shot is making the rounds on the Internet. A Twitter feed has been set up, apparently by a UNT photography student, to pull photos from the Denton city jail log The Dallas Observer’s Unfair Park blog first noted the photo feed and learned […]

Mugshot Legality

ATLANTA – New state legislation bans websites from charging money to get mugshots removed. More than hundred websites post mugshots taken right after an arrest before a person is even found guilty. Some people will pay just about anything to get those photos taken off the websites. Sophia Andrade was arrested on a domestic violence […]