Dallas Sports

Jail is bad but Dallas has some great qualities.  The sport teams in Dallas are known worldwide.  Dallas Texas has some great franchises in various sports, including the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Stars, and the Texas Rangers.  Soccer has been making major inroads into Dallas hearts as well.  Dallas now has FC Dallas.  Not only is Dallas a great place to watch sports or attend games, it’s also a great place to have a sporting event.

A picture of the various sports teams in Dallas TX

What makes Dallas the perfect destination for your sporting event or meeting?

  • Eighteen-year ranking as one of the top sports cities in the U.S. (Sporting News magazine, 2011)
  • Readers Choice Award as a Top Sports City (Sports Events Magazine, 2014)
  • Multiple Venue & Space Options: Over 1 Million Square Feet at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center and dozens of other venues & complexes throughout the city
  • 9,000 downtown hotel rooms and 70,000 in the surrounding area
  • Moderate climate year-round
  • Two major airports for easy national and international access
  • Complimentary services to market and manage your event

(source: Dallas Sports Commission)


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